16 Ways to Make Your Escort Scream with Pleasure

Hiring an escort for a night of pleasure can be an exciting experience, but it can also be nerve-wracking if you don’t know how to make your escort scream with pleasure. Fear not! We’re here to provide you with 16 tips on how to make sure your escort has a night they won’t forget. From experimenting with different positions to trying out toys, you can make sure your escort enjoys every moment of your time together. So let’s get started and find out all the ways to make your escort scream with pleasure!

1) Lube

The 69 position is a classic favorite for many couples, but it can get uncomfortable if you don’t use lube. Lube helps to reduce friction and make the entire experience much more pleasurable. Make sure you use a water-based lube that is safe for your escort. Start by applying lube to her body and then your own. You can also add some lube directly onto the area of penetration. This will help reduce discomfort and make the 69 sex position much more enjoyable for both of you.

2) Warm Up

Before diving into the delicious world of 69 position pleasure, it’s important to warm up and get in the right mindset. Start off with some light caressing, kissing and cuddling. This helps to get your escort in the mood and makes the transition to 69 sex position more enjoyable for both of you. You can also use this time to talk about any boundaries and preferences that you have, as well as what your partner wants from the experience. During this time, make sure to give lots of compliments and appreciation so that your escort feels comfortable and appreciated. When you both feel ready, you can move on to 69 position.

3) Get Comfortable

Making sure your escort is comfortable and relaxed is key to an enjoyable 69 sex position experience. Start by finding a comfortable spot in your home or hotel room, whether that’s a bed, couch, floor, or chair. Have your escort lay down on their back and adjust the pillows or cushions so they can rest their head comfortably. Encourage them to close their eyes and take a few deep breaths to relax and become more in tune with their body.

Once they are relaxed, it’s time to get into position. The most classic way to do a 69 sex position is for each of you to lay facing each other on your sides. You should both be able to reach each other comfortably this way and make sure to keep your hips and bodies aligned. If your escort is uncomfortable in this position, there are plenty of variations. For instance, you could have one of you lay on your back while the other kneels over them. This allows for easy access while still providing lots of pleasure. Experiment with different positions to find the one that works best for you both.

4) The Right Angle

The 69 position is one of the most popular ways to engage in mutual pleasure. It allows both partners to be able to give and receive pleasure simultaneously. To get into the 69 position, both partners should start by lying on their sides, facing each other. Each partner should then put their top leg over the other person’s body, so that they are now facing each other’s genitals. This is a great position for both partners to be able to perform oral sex on each other, allowing them both to experience pleasure at the same time.

For added comfort and stability, it is important to make sure that you and your partner are both comfortable in this position. You can adjust the angle of your bodies so that the partner receiving pleasure has their head slightly elevated, making it more comfortable and enjoyable. The 69 position can be very intense and pleasurable if done correctly, but make sure that both partners communicate throughout the experience to make sure everyone is comfortable and having fun.

5) Add Some Variation

When it comes to 69 sex position, variety is the spice of life. Don’t be afraid to try out different positions and angles to get the most pleasure from the experience. Try having your escort lay down on her back with her legs spread and you lying between them. If she’s comfortable, you can also experiment with her straddling you while you lay flat. Experimenting with different positions can help make the experience more enjoyable for both of you. Another great way to add some variation to your 69 session is to switch it up and take turns being on top and bottom. This way each person gets the opportunity to enjoy both the giving and receiving of pleasure. With a little bit of imagination, you can make this position even more enjoyable.

6) Go Slow

When it comes to the 69 position, it’s best to take things slow. Don’t rush into it; instead, take your time and really enjoy the moment. Start by lightly kissing and caressing each other while getting into the 69 position. Once you’re there, focus on exploring each other with your hands, lips and tongues. Take your time and make sure both of you are comfortable.

The 69 position is all about mutual pleasure, so make sure to focus on pleasing each other in equal measure. You can also vary the intensity of your movements; try out different speeds and pressures to see which ones your partner likes best.

Slow and steady wins the race when it comes to 69 sex position. Taking your time will ensure that both of you have a pleasurable experience. Enjoy exploring each other in this unique position, and soon enough you’ll both be screaming with pleasure!

7) Use Your Hands

When it comes to 69 sex position, using your hands can make all the difference. Using your hands to caress and stimulate your escort is a great way to heighten pleasure and make it more enjoyable. When you are in the 69 position, use one hand to stimulate her clitoris and the other to massage her breasts or inner thighs. You can also stroke and rub her buttocks as well. This will help her get aroused and make the experience more enjoyable for both of you. Experiment with different touches and movements to find out what she likes best. Your goal is to make her scream with pleasure!

8) Tease Her

Teasing your escort is a great way to build anticipation and arousal during 69 position sex. Start by lightly grazing their skin with your hands or tongue. Then, use different forms of touch such as a feathery caress or a gentle massage to get them aroused. As they start to become more aroused, you can focus on the erogenous zones like their nipples or inner thighs. Build up the intensity until they are begging for more.

When engaging in 69 position sex, it’s important to take your time and enjoy the journey. Tease your escort by alternating between pleasure and pain. You can do this by using different forms of stimulation such as light pinching, biting, scratching, or spanking. Doing this will keep them on their toes and in turn increase their arousal. Be sure to check in with your partner throughout the experience to make sure they are comfortable and enjoying themselves.

9) Talk Dirty

Talking dirty during sex can be incredibly erotic, and especially when it comes to the 69 position. Start by telling your escort how much you want them and how amazing they look. You could also talk about how you want to pleasure them, or how they make you feel. Make sure you let them know how good their body feels against yours.

Compliments are a great way to keep the mood sexy. Praise them for how they move and make sure they know how good they feel. Try using specific words that turn you on.

If your escort is into it, try role-playing in the 69 position. Make up stories and become someone else in the bedroom. This can help take some of the pressure off of both of you and allow you to explore different sides of yourself.

Finally, don’t be afraid to let your escort know what you like and what you don’t like. This will help create a more open and intimate environment, which will make the 69 position all the more enjoyable.

10) Let Her Take Control

Letting your escort take control can be an incredibly liberating experience. The 69 position is perfect for this. This position allows both of you to pleasure each other at the same time, with her on top. She can have all the control, dictating the pace, angle, and intensity. It is a great way to explore and experiment without feeling overwhelmed or uncomfortable. Experimenting with different positions and angles can bring a whole new level of excitement. Not only that, but it also gives her a sense of control and autonomy over her body and her pleasure. So why not let your escort take control and see where it takes you both? You might be surprised at the heights of pleasure you can reach!

11) Incorporate Toys

If you and your escort are looking for some extra excitement and fun, consider incorporating toys into your 69 sex position. Whether it’s vibrators, dildos, or something else entirely, toys can add a new level of pleasure to the experience.

For instance, a vibrator is great for stimulating both partners at once when in the 69 position. You can place the vibrator between the two of you, or have one partner hold the toy on their body while the other uses their tongue or fingers to stimulate them. The vibrations are sure to drive both of you wild!

Dildos can also be used during 69 sex. Place the toy at the entrance of your partner’s body and let your partner do the rest. The sensations they feel with your tongue and their toy will be incredibly pleasurable.

No matter what toys you choose, make sure both of you are comfortable with them before incorporating them into your 69 sex session. Once you find the right toy that works for both of you, you’re sure to have an amazing experience!

12) Get Rough

If you and your escort like a bit of rougher play, then you can use the 69 position to add some intensity to your experience. The 69 sex position is a great way for both of you to get what you need in a mutually pleasurable way. You can start off by lightly running your fingers through her hair, over her body, and then increase the pressure to create a more intense sensation. Be sure to pay attention to her body language and watch for her reactions. If she’s enjoying it, then you can up the intensity and use your hands more roughly. You can also lightly nibble on her neck or lips as you give her pleasure. Just remember that communication is key when it comes to getting rough in the bedroom. Make sure both you and your escort are comfortable with whatever level of roughness you decide to explore.

13) Try Different Positions

When it comes to pleasuring your escort, trying out different positions can really help increase the intensity of your pleasure. One such position is the classic 69 sex position, which can be a great way to give and receive pleasure at the same time.

To get into the 69 position, have your escort lie on their back and you lie facing them in the opposite direction, so that your heads are at opposite ends of their body. From there, each of you should be able to stimulate the other with your hands and mouths. This can lead to some very intense sensations, as both partners are being stimulated simultaneously.

If the traditional 69 sex position isn’t comfortable for either of you, you can try some variations. You can switch up who is on top by having your escort lie on their stomach and you straddle them from behind. You can also try different angles, such as having your partner prop themselves up on their elbows or arms while you kneel or sit between their legs.

By playing around with different positions, you and your escort can discover what works best for both of you. With some experimentation, you can achieve some amazing results!

14) Focus on Her Clit

One of the best ways to get your escort to scream with pleasure is to focus on her clit during the 69 position. This can be done by using your tongue and mouth to stimulate her clitoris while performing oral sex. Start off slowly, with light licking and sucking motions, then increase the pressure and speed as she starts to respond. You can also add some variation by switching up your motions or introducing some light biting. This will help keep her aroused and excited during the 69 position and ensure that she enjoys every moment of it. Don’t forget to use your hands to caress other sensitive areas such as her breasts and inner thighs. With this combination of oral and manual stimulation, your escort will definitely be screaming with pleasure!

15) Give her a massage

One way to make your escort scream with pleasure is by giving her a massage. A good massage can help relax and build up tension before engaging in the 69 position. When it comes to massaging, focus on stimulating the areas around her erogenous zones such as the inner thighs and lower back. This will help create a sensation of heightened pleasure when it comes to engaging in the 69 sex position. Start off slow and gradually increase the pressure as you move around her body. Use long strokes to warm up the muscles and transition into more firm kneading as her body begins to relax. Make sure to ask for feedback and adjust your movements accordingly. She’ll appreciate the extra effort and it will help make the 69 position even more pleasurable.

16) Don’t forget aftercare

After engaging in 69 position sex, it’s important to remember to show your 69 sex position escort some aftercare. Aftercare is the process of expressing care for your partner after a session of intimacy and physical activity. This includes providing your partner with comfort and support, such as cuddling, talking, and expressing appreciation and gratitude.

It’s also important to stay hydrated and provide your escort with sustenance. Eating, drinking, and having a good night’s sleep can help replenish your energy levels, while also providing a good sense of safety and security. The aftercare process should also include a discussion of boundaries, needs, and expectations that each person has when it comes to the 69 sex position. This will help ensure that both partners feel comfortable and respected in the relationship.

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